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Add a Roommate or Change a Name

Registering for your vacation with Mayfield Elite Travel is fast and easy!


Get Ready

to Go!

Adding a New Roommate or Changing a Name on an Already Booked Reservation? Great! List only the information for the NEW traveler in Steps 1-4. Then in Step 5, let us know who's reservation he/she is adding to or who he/she is replacing.

Don't Have Passport Info Yet? That's ok! You can leave the passport section blank and call us to update your information once your passport is available. Just be sure to list your name exactly as it will appear on your passport. Note: not all trips require passports. CRUISES do not require passports.


If you need help with getting your passport, just let us know in the "Additional Information" section (Step 5) and we will send you step-by-step instructions right to your email within a few short days.



Still Have Questions? No problem! Send us a text at (949)328-6919 and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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