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Get Ready for the 2018 Super Bowl Cruise! Vol.1

Email #1 - Check in for Your Cruise & Download Carnival Hub!

Welcome to the 2018 Super Bowl Cruise!

In just over a month you will be setting sail on an exhilarating adventure over the high seas. Mayfield Elite Travel is excited for your trip and is honored that you have chosen to book with us. Over the next month and a half, we will help you prepare for your cruise by sending you interesting and helpful information via 6 emails, with today's email being #1. Please check your email, visit our Facebook page or check our Blog each week for these updates. Be sure to read all the information provided. The content has been carefully selected to include everything you need to have a fantastic vacation! It's Time to Complete Your Online Check-In! Please visit the Carnival Website and use your confirmation # (sent with your final payment invoice) to check-in for your cruise today! All travelers are required to complete online check-in prior to the cruise. FAILURE TO COMPLETE ONLINE CHECK MAY RESULT IN YOUR BEING DENIED BOARDING THE SHIP. Please complete this right away. Are You Dining With Someone in Another Stateroom? If yes - and you have not selected "Your Time" dining - we will need to cross-reference your reservations ASAP! Please click here to send us your request via email. Need More Help? Answers to anything not yet covered in our emails can be found on the FAQ section of our website. Please browse this selection of helpful answers anytime you have a question. If you still can't find an answer, you may visit Carnival's FAQ section or feel free to call/text us at (949)328-6919. Thank you for traveling with MET!

It's time to get ready for your cruise!

So let's start by getting you checked in. For the check-in process, you will need your booking number which is located on each of your payment confirmations. Once you have located your booking number, please click here to start check-in and print your travel documents.

Download the Carnival Hub App to chat with friends and track all the exciting things happening on-board! From dining options, to music and entertainment - get fast access to everything that’s fun during your cruise!

This is the first email in a series of six that will be sent to you. Please check your inbox the week of January 2, 2018 for email #2. The topic of email #2 will be "Important Packing Tips". Information about what you can and cannot bring on board will be included.

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